How Your Dentist Can Help With TMJ

When we refer to TMJ we are often speaking of the disorder that affects the temporomandibular joint, so the condition is often abbreviated as TMD or TMJ, but they refer to the same thing. This joint connects our jaw to our skull and when it's performing normally we barely notice it in action. But TMJ is characterized by discomfort at the joint which can be felt when we chew, speak, and often this effect can linger through the day. Treatment for TMJ can vary depending on severity, but our Cockeysville, MD, dentist may be able to help via a custom dental appliance. Learn about all the ways in which our dentist can help us manage our TMJ by reaching out to Dr. Jocelyn Shin of Cockeysville Dental.

Splint Therapy

A custom dental appliance from our dentist called a dental splint, and sometimes an occlusal splint has been shown to be an effective treatment for many who suffer from TMJ. It's a device we wear on our teeth at night sort of like a mouthguard, sometimes a biteplate, and its role is to prevent us from grinding and clenching by stabilizing our jaw. It helps to relax our muscles during the night which can help reduce overall tension at the jaw joint, and of course pain.

TMJ Treatment in Cockeysville, MD

Split therapy can help us manage TMJ-associated discomfort without permanently changing the structure of our jaw or teeth. Depending on the type of splint it may also help save our teeth if we grind our teeth at night. Other strategies may be available for managing TMJ discomfort, and for certain severe conditions, dental intervention may be prescribed so it's important to come in to discuss your options.

To find out if dental appliance therapy is the best way to manage your TMJ pain and teeth grinding then schedule a consultation in Cockeysville, MD, with Dr. Shin of Cockeysville Dental by dialing (410) 628-0118.

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